Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals

Quickly design and simulate your proof of concepts and accelerate the functional qualification of your production systems.

The Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry

Some medical devices and pharmaceuticals are produced in small quantities while others are manufactured in huge volumes. Some have patent protection while others are generic products with strict cost constraints. What these manufacturers have in common though is being subject to strict regulatory oversight creating hurdles not present in other industries.

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Challenges in the Life Sciences and Pharmaceuticals Industry

With long development and approval times, manufacturers must move quickly to plan and set up production. However, they must be careful as process changes generally require approval. Process validation, documentation, and traceability requirements are onerous, on top of which price-down pressures are relentless, especially as patents expire.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

Virtual validation of processes

To meet the ever-changing consumer demands, the manufacturing processes need better planning and flexibility. Visual Components help in virtual validation of the production processes and improves the flexibility of the production planning.

Improve communication with compelling content

With compelling sales content creation and availability of modern communication tools like Virtual Reality (VR), Visual components improve the decision-making with better communication of plans across different teams and stakeholders.

Accelerate functional and design qualification of systems

Visual Components helps the pharmaceutical manufacturers accelerate the functional and design qualification of the production systems with easy-to-use simulation features. Additionally, production simulation helps with the Risk analysis by the visual testing and identification of bottlenecks.

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