Delfoi Robotics Offline Programming Software

The World’s leading offline robot programming (OLP) technology for fast, accurate and error-free programming of industrial robots. Use Delfoi OLP software to increase robot utilization rate by over 90%.

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Robot Brand and Process Independent

Solutions for Robotic Applications


World’s leading software for welding robots. Used by hundreds of companies globally everyday from SMEs to large manufacturing corporations.

Delfoi ARC

Programming solution for any continuous welding process, such as arc welding and laser welding. Easy to generate complete weld programs within a few seconds. Achieve high-quality welds by capturing welding methods to internal WPS (Welding Procedure Specification) database. Ensure high quality programs by utilizing the advanced validation tools. Harness the power of PMI data from CAD models.

Delfoi SPOT

Programming solution for spot welding and riveting robot applications. Easy to generate spot welds automatically by importing spot weld coordinates from an external source. Simulate I/O signals and clamp movements to create digital twin of robot programs regardless of the robot brand. Automatically solve the problems in the Spot welding programs.


World’s leading software for cutting and processing robot applications. Used by manufacturers ranging from SMEs to large manufacturing corporations.

Delfoi CUT

Programming solution for robotic deburring, finishing and laser and plasma cutting robot applications. Automatically generate cutting paths by utilizing the features of a CAD for a range of different applications. Reduce downtimes and improve your quality through fast and accurate programming workflow.

Delfoi SURF-X

Programming solution for surface processing robot applications like polishing, sanding, buffing and grinding. Easy to create different tool path patterns on complex surfaces through versatile tools. Simulate robot programs with visual process analysis and abrasive wear by using force control tools.


World’s leading software for coating robot applications. Used by manufacturers ranging from SMEs to large manufacturing corporations in automotive and aerospace industries.

Delfoi SPRAY-X

Programming solution for a wide variety of robotic spray coating applications. Use fast and easy path creation tools to maximize high quality for thermal and cold spraying processes. Simulate accurate coating accumulation with unique spray calibration methods.

Delfoi PAINT

Programming solution for wet or powder painting robot applications. Analyze the surface quality in advance and reduce costs on prototyping by using the paint distribution and accumulation mapping features. The unique spray calibration tools guarantee realistic spraying models to be used in simulation.

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Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered. Check out our family of 3D manufacturing simulation products.


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Virtualize your factory with our complete manufacturing simulation solution.

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Delfoi Robotics OLP

Improve your robot utilization rate with fast, accurate and error free robot offline programming.

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