Startup Program

The next generation of 3D manufacturing simulation technology. Get started with up to three licenses for three years at a discounted price and a training program that will help you benefit from our solutions immediately.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

One platform for all use cases

Visual Components offers one platform for all kinds of 3D production simulation and emulation applications in the manufacturing environment – layout configuration, material flow simulation, Offline Robot Programming, virtual commissioning tools, Virtual Reality experience, and much more.

Improve communication across teams

Efficiency relies on transparency and clear communication across teams. Visual Components improves that communication and collaboration by providing direct, visual, and data-driven simulated plans.

Powerful sales acceleration solution

Visual Components is a powerful simulation platform that offers all the bells and whistles for sales acceleration use cases. Design and simulate your proof of concepts in simple and easy steps, modify the designs on-the-go together with your customers and impress them with stunning visuals.

Join a growing number of startups already using Visual Components

“With the Visual Components Startup Program, we have no concerns over high costs during our startup phase. By paying in yearly rates, we can support healthy business growth while saving costs in the long-term.”

Johnny Camenzind

Simulation Developer, ProLean GmbH

“There is hardly a meeting where I have not opened Visual Components. The Startup Program is a win-win offer and helps us to implement planning, design and simulation. Using Visual Components, our customers overcome the hurdle of why they should choose us and our solutions.”

Alexander Schiffer

Managing Director, ECOSPHERE GmbH

“Visual Components is one of our most important sales tools. We can use it to easily, quickly and comprehensibly model plants or even simple processes and present the concepts to customers in an optimal way.”

Fabian Stutz

CEO, Pharmabotix


„Visual Components inspired us right from the very beginning because it allows us to use an extended 3D library in a flexible and easy-to-use way. 3D layouts and simulations can be created very fast – and the use of VR is just as simple as one click in the software. The large variety of interfaces makes our daily work much easier.“

Thomas Kaufmann

Co-Founder & CEO, EXARON GmbH


“Visual Components offers us an unprecedented flexibility in the deployment, visualization, programming, and evaluation of machinery and plant components. In our main automation segment, this approach of simulation and anticipation of physical commissioning provides us with an unbeatable advantage in cost minimization and efficiency improvement for these projects. Thanks to the Startup Program, we are able to fully harness this potential.”

Jürgen Pacher

Managing Director, Par:Set

SCIO Technology develops customized battery-systems for the e-mobility sector. Our SCIO Brick 2.5 is a swapable 48 V battery system, usable individually or as part of a 15 kWh home storage system. We employ Visual Components for process optimization, including production simulation and issue prevention.

Alexander Seger

Project & Development Engineer, SCIO-Technology

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Startup Program FAQ

What requirements does my startup need to meet?

When applying for the Startup Program, we will ask you questions regarding:

  • When your startup was founded
  • Where your startup is based
  • How many employees you currently have employed
  • If you have received any external funding (e.g., venture capital funding)
Based on the answers you provide, we will be able to assess your eligibility to the program.

What do I get from applying?

  • Get up to three licenses of your choosing for three years at a discounted price
  • 3 000+ components at your disposal
  • An extensive training program to start benefiting from the product immediately
  • An online community forum, where members can ask questions, share expertise, and engage in discussion
  • An extensive online Academy with dozens of tutorials, webinars, and guides to help you learn
  • A support team ready to help you

How do I apply for the program?

To apply, simply fill out our program’s form. You can find it by clicking on the “Apply Now” button above.

What Visual Components product will I get?

You may choose any of the three product licenses we have on offer: Essentials, Professional, or Premium.

How long is the product license valid for?

The product licenses run and are renewed yearly. Our Startup Program lasts for three years, whereby a yearly rate is set for each startup that is accepted based on their chosen product. More details will be shared with you if you are accepted to join the program.

How many times can I apply to the startup program?

You can apply as often as you wish if, for example, the circumstances of your startup change after initially applying to our program.