Visual Components Essentials is our core manufacturing simulation product. Design, build, and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components.

Factory Simulation

The factory simulation offers all the essential tools to quickly design and set up your manufacturing simulations in an interactive, user-friendly environment and easily export and share your results.

3D Layout Configuration

Quickly build layouts by dragging components from the eCatalog directly into the 3D world, and connecting compatible components via the plug- and-play feature.

Process Modeling

A simple, visual and powerful way of setting up the simulation of your layouts. Define products, processes and production flows with visual workflows.


With over 3,000 pre-defined and ready-to-use components, the Visual Components eCatalog contains a robust library of virtual models of robots, machines, and equipment from dozens of leading brands in industrial automation.

CAD File Import

Import your CAD files directly into the 3D world. Visual Components supports CAD file types from many of the leading CAD vendors. Check out the list of supported CAD files.

2D Drawings and BoM

Import 2D drawings of your current factory layouts into the 3D world and set up your simulations on top. The feature also supports exporting the 2D drawings of your 3D layouts including the bill of materials.

CAD Attribute Reader

Convert your Autodesk 2D drawings to 3D models with CAD Attribute Reader, which reads the attributes of CAD data and generates 3D models based on the properties. The supported formats are DWG and DXF files.

Point Cloud Support

Import point cloud models of your facilities directly into the 3D world, and configure layouts inside them.


Visualize simulation statistics using line, area, bar, or pie charts. Create, modify, and visualize custom simulation data in statistics dashboard. When more in-depth analysis is required, simulation data can be easily exported in PDF or Microsoft Excel data formats.

Layout Configuration
Process Modeling
Visual Components' eCatalog menu
CAD Import
2D Drawing and BOM
Point Cloud Support

Basic Virtual Commissioning

Test and validate the functionality of your digital models by connecting the simulations with your control systems. Make sure your production systems are well-integrated and functioning efficiently before physical execution.

PLC Connectivity

Connect simulations with your control system using platform independent OPC-UA or supported vendor specific interfaces like Beckhoff.

PLC Connectivity

Sales Content Creation

Create and share impressive sales material of your projects in various standard formats. Visualize and communicate all project phases and outcomes with simple content creation tools.

Interactive 3D PDF

Export your simulations in interactive 3D PDF format with or without the BoM in different layout templates.

2D Drawing

Export 2D drawings for your designs from different drawing templates and scale them in any desired view. Images of 3D layouts can also be added in 2D Drawings as annotations using a free-to-use addon.


Export high-quality images of your 3D layouts from full HD resolution up to Ultra HD 4K quality or customize the image size to any of your requirements.


Record and export your 3D simulations as videos up to 4K HD quality. You can customize the video quality by choosing the most suitable settings.

Interactive 3D PDF
2D Drawing
HQ Images
4K Video

VC Experience on Mobile

Easily share and experience the simulations in your smartphones through our free to download mobile app.

Virtual Reality

Step into your simulations in virtual reality and use the content to improve your presentations with immersive and detailed proposals.

a VR 3D rendering of a production line using Visual Components Experience

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Whether you’re looking for a tool to quickly design and present production solutions, or a platform to power your offline programming applications, we’ve got you covered. Check out our family of 3D manufacturing simulation and OLP products.


Design, build and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components.

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Define and create your own components to simulate in our 3D world.

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Robotics OLP

Improve your robot utilization rate with fast, accurate and error free robot offline programming.

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Professional OLP

Design your own simulation models and program your robots with more accuracy for custom applications.

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Premium OLP

Bring your virtual projects to reality through this complete simulation and offline robot programming solution.

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