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What our customers have to say

“Using Visual Components, we were able to achieve increased efficiency gains, reduced packaging and processing costs whilst helping our customers visualise how automation could improve overall production efficiency gains. It’s a game-changer.”

George Walsh
Senior Product Development Engineer

“We 100% saw a noticeable increase in positive feedback from the customer when we showed our results using Visual Components.”

Ben Graham
Senior Consultant
Invio Automation

“Previously, we were looking at around about 4 days to turn a proposal around, and currently (with the help of Visual Components) we can probably fire one out in about half an hour.”

Stephen Smith
Project Manager
Mazak UK

“Unlike with previous projects, the processes no longer had to be tested at the physical system. Instead, even the most complex processes were displayed reliably and quickly in digital form.”

Wladimir Krieger
Robotics Engineer
Wächter Packautomatik

“We use Visual Components for all projects that require a feasibility analysis or visualization. A picture is worth a thousand words – so we can offer our customers a much better idea of their planned facility. And our customers react very positively.”

Jo Braun
Managing Director