Supported CAD files

Here we have a list of supported CAD file types for use with our software. If you have any specific questions about the compatibility of your files, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Supported CAD files for 3D simulation

3D Manufacturing Format1.2.3.3mf
3D StudioAll.3ds
ACISUp to 2023.sat, .sab
ASCII Point Cloud, .pts, .xyzrgb
Autodesk FBXFBX ASCII: from 7100 to 7500. Binary: all..fbx
Autodesk InventorUp to 2024.ipt, .iam
Autodesk Navisworksfrom 2012 to 2024nwd, .nwf, .nvc
Autodesk RealDWGAutoCAD 2000-2019.dwg, .dxf
Binary point cloud fileAll.bxyz
CATIA V4Up to 4.2.5.session, .dlv, .exp
CATIA V5Up to V5_6R2023.CATDrawing, .CATPart, .CATShape, .cgr
CATIA V6Up to v5-6 2019.3dxml
CreoPro/Engineer 19.0 to Creo 10.0.asm, .neu, .prt, .xas, .xpr
GL Transmission Format2.0 only.gltf, .glb
I-deasUp to 13.x (NX5) and NX I-deas 6.mf1,. .arc, .unv, .pkg
IFC2x2 to 4.ifc, .ifczip
IGES5.1 to 5.3.igs, .iges
JTUp to v10.6.jt
ParasolidUp to v36.1.x_b, .x_t, .xmt, .xmt_txt
PRC All.prc
Revit2015 to 2024.rvt
Rhinofrom 4 to 8.3dm
Solid Edge1 to 20, ST1 to ST10, 2019 to 2024.asm, .par, .pwd, .psm
SolidWorksfrom 97 to 2024.sldasm, .sldprt
STEP*Up to AP 203 E1/E2, AP 214 and AP 242.stp, .step
Stereo Lithography (ASCII and Binary) All.stl
U3DECMA-363 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions.u3d
Unigraphics (Siemens PLM software NX)UG11 to UG18, UG NX to NX12, and NX1847 to NX2312.u3d
VDA-FS1.0 and 2.0.vda
VRML1.0 and 2.0.wrl, .vrml
* Export to STEP uses AP 242 edition 3 and exports tessellated data.

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