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How our Customers Benefit

30% Efficiency Increase

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations and have more control over the performance of your processes and resources.

15% Project Cost Savings

Design a number of what-if scenarios, have better insights into your projects, minimize your investment risks and save additional costs from your projects.

2.700+ Components

Use an extensive library of 3D models with more than 1600 robots, 70+ brands, and a wide range of conveyors, machines, resources, robot tools, factory facilities, and more.

Improve Robot Utilization by 95%

Optimize the utilization of your robots by intelligent and fast offline programming and repurpose them for most industrial processes whether its welding, processing, or spraying and eliminate the robot downtime.

80% Faster Response

Simulate your concepts within minutes and hours instead of days and weeks. Respond faster to your customers and answer their questions with visual and animated proposals.

Reduce Engineering Time

Simulate, test, validate and deliver optimum engineering solutions by connecting your designs with PLCs, and robot controllers and save time by virtual commissioning before allocating time and costs to the physical systems.

Simulation Workflow

1. Design

Design your layouts using 2600+ ready-made 3D models or by importing your custom CAD data.

2. Model/Program

Visually define the process flow with easy-to-use tools or program the robots with quick teaching tools.

3. Simulate

Experience your layouts in simulation and monitor the simulation behavior of your components and processes.

4. Analyze

Carry out simulation studies and learn the known and unknown bottlenecks in your designs.

5. Optimize

Make quick changes to your designs, simulate, test, repeat to find the most optimum configuration.

6. Share

Export your simulations and share the results in widely accessible formats with your stakeholders.

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2.700+ Ready-to-Use Components
1.600+ Robots from 70+ Robot Brands

With over 2.700+ pre-defined and ready-to-use components, the Visual Components eCatalog contains a robust library of virtual models of robots, machines, and equipment from dozens of leading brands in industrial automation.

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What is 3D Manufacturing Simulation?

“Many of our customers in the manufacturing segment are seeing that they need a tool like this to support them in making fast and fact-based decisions.”

Mikko Salminen

Head of Global Sales at Visual Components


See for yourself how Visual Components 3D manufacturing simulation solutions can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve production performance!