Download the latest versions of Visual Components software including the Visual Components 4.8 product family and Visual Components Experience.

Before downloading the installer, please follow the instructions below.

New user

Make sure you have a valid product key to activate the software, if you don’t have a license please contact us.

Version upgrade

If you have a valid maintenance agreement please contact us for the upgrade. Upgrade Request Form

Network license user

For network license users, please download and setup Network License Server first before using the software.

The content in this page can only be downloaded on desktop. Add your email and we will send you the Downloads page link, so that you can download the installers later on your computer”.

Visual Components 4.8

Visual Components installers (Updated on 23/01/2024).

Release notes  |  User Guide

Installers from our website are only intended for Direct customers of Visual Components.
OEM Customer’s should request custom installers from their respective OEM partner.

Visual Components Essentials 4.8.0


Visual Components Professional 4.8.0


Visual Components Premium 4.8.0


Visual Components Robotics OLP 4.8.0


Visual Components Professional OLP 4.8.0


Visual Components Premium OLP 4.8.0


Network License Server

The Visual Components License Server can be used to manage licenses on a
network for users of all Visual Components products and compatible OEM products.

License Server 2.1.2 User Guide | Release Notes 2.1.2

Network License Server 2.1.2


SIMIT external coupling

Visual Components coupling for Siemens SIMIT software. The connection is
only available in Visual Components Premium 4.3 and newer versions.

Visual Components SIMIT coupling


Visual Components Experience

Download the installers for the Visual Components Experience desktop application.
Please check Visual Components Experience page for mobile app download links.

Release notes  | User Guide

Visual Components Experience 1.7.0


Installer for previous versions

Visual Components 4.7.0 installers (Released on 31/05/2023).

Release notes  |  User Guide

To get installer files for previous versions of the Visual Components 4.X family
contact our Support Team at

Visual Components Essentials 4.7.0


Visual Components Professional 4.7.0


Visual Components Premium 4.7.0


Delfoi Robotics OLP

Delfoi Robotics OLP installers.

Delfoi Robotics Essentials


Delfoi Robotics Plus


Delfoi Robotics Professional


Delfoi Robotics Premium


Delfoi Robotics Addon for Visual Components product suites


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