Packaging and Palletizing

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The Packaging and Palletizing Industry

Packaging protects, preserves, informs, and sells and is closely associated with the identity of the products it contains. Packaging equipment takes many forms, from carton erectors and bottle fillers to systems that palletize boxes, sacks, and pails for shipping. Also included in this category is the manufacture of packaging materials and the equipment for making the materials themselves.

a rendering of a palletizing line with forklifts
a rendering of palletizing robots

Challenges in the Packaging and Palletizing Industry

Packaging and packing equipment manufacturers are increasingly challenged to minimize weight and volume while still protecting and differentiating the product. This takes specialized equipment that’s sold in a highly competitive global market. The drive towards more automation and flexibility also means that these operations are becoming increasingly complex.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

Optimize the Floor Space

The workspace demands for packaging and palletizing processes could easily escalate in a complex production process. Visual Components helps in reconfiguring the layouts to optimize the use of floor space.

Maximum utilization of manufacturing assets

The packaging and palletizing are typically fast-paced operations where any machine breakdown requires quick actions to redirect and reschedule the production flow. Simulating with Visual Components helps in managing such production queues and downtimes.

Improve Sales Acceleration of Automation Projects

Visual Components is a powerful sales acceleration tool for testing and validating different packaging and palletizing setups to select the most productive configuration. System integrators can use Visual Components to sell the most optimal automation plans to manufacturers that consistently face challenges like tight scheduling and high output demands.

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