White Goods

Accelerate your early design concepts with simulation, reduce the time to market and improve your responsiveness to New Product Introductions.

The White Goods Industry

“White Goods” encompasses both companies that manufacture large appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators, and the businesses that supply their materials and manufacturing equipment. White goods manufacturers typically seek economies of scale to be competitive and profitable. Achieving this requires a broad product line with many variants and frequent new product introductions.

a rendering of a white goods assembly line
a rendering of a white goods assembly line

Challenges in the White Goods Industry

The challenges facing the white goods market are familiar: consumers want more price, features, and form factor options, along with the latest and “green” technologies. In the factory, manufacturers struggle with labour shortages and rising costs while seeking flexible automation to support high product variety and increasing complexity.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

Improve Responsivess to NPIs

The manufacturers consistently face the challenge of adapting to the latest NPIs with technical changes. Simulation with Visual Components improves the flexibility and adaptation of these technological advancements for the production systems.

Reduce time to market

Visual Components simulation saves time in the early concept design phase from days to hours. This enables the manufacturers to respond to consumer demands faster and reduce the time to market.

Improve Communication about any process changes

Visual Components 3D simulation improves the communication of plans across different channels in the production environment whether it is about communicating the process changes to the staff on the shop floor, convincing the decision-makers to invest in new equipment, or reconfiguration of any manufacturing process.

How is Visual Components used in the White Goods Industry?

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