Industrial Automation

Use hundreds of free-to-use automation equipment models from known global brands to set up realistic simulations of your automation projects.

The Industrial Automation Industry

The industrial automation equipment market is global and highly competitive. In the Industry 4.0 era it’s also experiencing a period of significant innovation. Customers are pushing for more advanced, customized, and connected solutions, which is driving machine builders and integrators to partner more closely on both solution design and sales.

a rendering of industrial automation equipment
a rendering of industrial automation equipment

Challenges in the Industrial Automation Industry

These manufacturers face many challenges. First is the growing list of environmental regulations taking hold around the world. Sustainable building practices, improved air quality, and reduced emissions have become a major driver behind product design and development. Health and safety standards are also evolving, placing new burdens on manufacturers already battling with a shortage of skilled labor.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

One-stop shop

Visual Components offers an easy-to-use 3D simulation platform that not only provides layout configuration tools but covers complete automation applications with a vast component library, Offline Robot Programming, Virtual Commissioning, and Virtual Reality (VR).

Smarter investment decisions

Visual Components brand agnostic approach in the component library offers a unique platform where manufacturers can test and validate their plans with real automation equipment. Choose the equipment from any manufacturer and make smarter investment decisions by calculating payback time and ROI.

Improve Communication about Process Changes

Visual Components help the manufacturers and system integrators with the effective execution of automation plans by improving the communication of the process changes whether it applies to the production staff or customers.

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