ebook: How to benefit from the latest packaging industry trends (9 tips)

Ideas and suggestions for companies in the packaging industry.

Consumer behavior has changed. From recyclable packaging to digital twins—learn the ways to keep up with the latest packaging trends to satisfy your consumers’ needs.

Here are the trends we will go through:

1. Sustainability: Preparing for recycling

2. Facilities: How to integrate new packaging machinery into existing factory buildings

3. Process optimization: Reducing cycle times and maximizing throughput

4. Special purpose machinery: Integrate special or custom machinery into an existing production line

5. Improved reliability: Detecting and avoiding potential problems before equipment is installed

6. Increased flexibility: Readying packaging equipment for changeover

7. Increased competitiveness: Finding ways to lower costs

8. Marketing and sales: How to communicate benefits more clearly and win more business

9. Predictive maintenance: Improving packaging machinery reliability