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Food and beverage

Simulate to add more flexibility to your production systems and respond faster to ever-changing consumer demands.

Why simulate with Visual Components?

Reduce time to market

Simulation saves time in the early concept design phase from days to hours. This enables the manufacturers to respond to consumer demands faster and reduce the time to market.

Improve responsiveness to constant product innovations

The continuously evolving food and beverage items require various changes in production methods, which could be formulation, packaging, product mix handling, storage, or any other task. Visual Components improve the adaptability of the production systems with a better response rate to these changes.

Improve Inventory Management

Limited shelf-life of food products and the issue of perishability demands better handling, storage, distribution, and warehousing. Visual Components helps in the automation of these processes and improves inventory management.

Visual Components for the food and beverage manufacturing industry

  • This industry turns agricultural production into products we eat and drink, and it’s a huge part of the economy. Producers range from vast operations packing and shipping many hundreds of tons per day to small ‘craft’ producers. Major producers often distribute their products nationally and even internationally while craft producers tend to serve just their local markets.

  • Some of the most pressing food and beverage manufacturing challenges are how to add flexibility for new products and pack formats, dealing with greater ingredient variety, and handling labor shortages.

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