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We designed Visual Components with openness in mind. Build your own solutions on our powerful, flexible, and scalable platform.

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We’re here to be your go-to platform for creating industrial tools and software, giving you access to top-notch manufacturing simulation and robot programming capabilities.

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We empower you to customize with a wide range of features and API integration, helping you accelerate your digital transformation.

What we offer

Our high-performance 3D simulation engine and open API make it easy for you to build or customize your own simulation solutions on our platform.

Ready-made solutions

Say goodbye to time-consuming, in-house development with our ready-made solutions, offering powerful tools right out of the box.

Configure and design your layouts with Visual Components

Powerful simulation platform

Dive into the most robust simulation platform, packed with both pre-built and customizable features to suit all your industrial needs.

Easy-to-use interface

Navigate complex processes with our friendly and user-friendly interface, making advanced tech accessible to everyone.

Expandable API

Boost functionality with our open, well-documented API, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and enhance your tools.

More than a platform

Enjoy a flexible and evolving partnership with us. We’re here to help you continually improve and stay ahead.

Companies with tools powered by Visual Components

3D configurator

Visual Components offered Flexlink a drag-and-drop interface, parametric components, and an easy-to-use configuration environment to help sell their solutions.

Proprietary robot software

Visual Components provided KUKA with a robust platform, enabling them to develop KUKA.Sim. This software offers efficient offline programming, real-time analysis, reachability checks, and collision detection for KUKA robots.

Factory simulator

Visual Components teamed up with Mitsubishi Electric to create MELSOFT Gemini, a user-friendly 3D simulation tool that simplifies production equipment design, boosts productivity, and makes manufacturing operations more efficient.

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