Transform the future of manufacturing with simulation

Design your future production system and bring them to reality. Cut down setup time, downtime, and time-to-market.

Trusted by +2400 organizations in the manufacturing industry worldwide to automate their production

Why Visual Components? We make it simple.

One solution to bring your manufacturing concepts to reality

Visualize your 3D layouts with production logic using the existing models and templates.

Simulate, identify and resolve your production issues in a virtual environment.

Connect your virtual systems with physical PLCs, Robot Controllers to debug and streamline the processes.

Bring your robot programs to the physical shop floor without any manual teach pendant based time-consuming programming.

Try it yourself

Move around and get up close in the 3D space. With Visual Components, you can effortlessly share your simulations with colleagues and clients, making it easier than ever to demonstrate your ideas and projects.

What our customers say

“We achieved increased efficiency gains, reduced packaging and processing costs. It’s a game-changer.”

George Walsh
Senior Product Development Engineer,

“Visual Components is helping us to start the manufacturing development process much earlier than before, and reduce critical time to market.”

Miikka Ahola
Manufacturing Solutions Manager,

“We were able to realistically analyze the cycle times that could previously only be estimated.”

Norbert Pritzl
Production Planner,

“With Visual Components, total costs for the project were reduced by approximately 15%.”

Kong Fanshi, Ph.D,
Simulation Engineer on the Digital Center team, Midea Group

How our customers benefit

Boost your efficiency by 30%

Optimize every operation for a tangible ROI. By reducing waste and utilizing data-driven simulations, unveil cost-saving avenues and maximize output.

Save costs by 15%

Streamline and refine. Our software turns complex processes into intuitive tasks, reducing downtime and driving seamless operations from inception to delivery.

3000+ ready-made CAD components

Don’t skip a beat. Our software fuses effortlessly with your existing systems, guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and a smooth transition.

Enhance safety

Accuracy is the name of the game. Harness precision simulations to ensure designs come to life exactly as envisioned, minimizing costly errors and discrepancies.

Ready to step into the future of manufacturing?