Manufacturers are turning to Visual Components to create advanced production environments and enhance robot utilization. With our powerful simulation and offline programming software, you can visualize and optimize every detail, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently while staying ready for future demands.

Elevating manufacturers

Our 3D manufacturing simulation and offline programming tools software is designed for professionals who need to create efficient production solutions that meet the demands of today’s competitive global marketplace.

Smarter design solutions

Design smarter solutions and get better outcomes with software that’s purpose-built for manufacturing design. Visual Components allows you to visualize complex processes, optimize layouts, program robots and ensure every detail is accounted for, leading to more efficient and innovative production environments.

Confident project planning

Plan new projects with confidence. Reduce critical mistakes and oversights and get results that you can trust. Our software provides accurate simulations and detailed analyses, helping you identify potential issues early and make informed decisions that enhance project success.

Efficient testing and implementation

Design, test, and simulate changes in the virtual world first. Minimize downtime and speed up implementation. By validating modifications in a simulated environment, you can streamline the transition to real-world application, ensuring smoother and faster rollouts.

Effective communication

Communicate your findings visually. Eliminate knowledge gaps that keep teams from communicating effectively. Visual Components offers intuitive tools for presenting data and designs, making it easier for team members to understand and collaborate, regardless of their technical background.

How is Visual Components used by manufacturers?

Find out how simulation can help you accomplish more, faster.