August 22, 2018

Check out what’s new in Visual Components 4.1.1

We've made a lot of improvements to the usability, stability, and performance of our products in this release. Here's an overview of the major updates!

We’ve made a lot of improvements to the usability, stability, and performance of our products in this release. Here’s an overview of the major updates:

Improvements and Optimization

  • Connectivity: Variable pair value locking in Connectivity
  • eCatalog: Added C# events to indicate when eCatalog source indexing has started and finished
  • Export/Import: Supported exporting/importing frames (DBPoint in dwg)
  • Import: OBJ texture data size optimization
  • Installer: Added Privacy Policy tab next to EULA
  • Licensing: Disabled renewal notification in lease licensing scenarios
  • API:
    • Added support for reading reference and material-type component property StepValues
    • Python Unicode improvements
  • Robotics:
    • Support for showing robot frames of all or just the selected robot
    • Allowed toggling the visibility of points in a path statement
  • Robotics/API:
    • Control robot path schema frame name, colour and size
    • Added small robotics support, e.g. statement double click and snap mouse up events
  • Settings:
    • Disable user settings saving to configuration files
    • Allowed customization of the backstage Info screens
    • Added an event to indicate when backstage page is opened or closed

Overall bug fixes

  • API:
    • Fixed “Support for this scheme not found” error when using the pack folder feature
    • Fixed an internal exception raised when changing the render mode in left toolbar
  • Application:
    • Fixed memory leaks
  • Connectivity:
    • Fixed a OPC UA connection failure when server reports unreachable endpoint address
  • Drawing:
    • Fixed fill view on selected command for drawing templates
    • Fixed 3D render mode change having an effect on the 2D drawing view visibility
    • Fixed slowness when generating an isometric view with a specific component
    • Fixed drawing vertical dimension text being printed horizontal when using Area selection
  • eCatalog:
    • eCatalog source lists are now downloaded in the order that they are listed in the configuration file
    • Fixed a crash when setting tags for eCatalog smart collections
    • Fixed eCatalog becoming non-functional after cancelling the main application confirm close dialog
    • Fixed eCatalog panel not displaying files when just the “Files” filter is used
    • Fixed eCatalog not being able to process components packaged in layouts in non-english (virtual) machines
  • Export:
    • Fixed crashes when generating a 3D PDF from public layouts that use the Bob component
  • Import:
    • Fixed Hoops CAD Import when Catia files reference external files
  • Installer:
    • Changed fonts in the installer to better match those in the Launcher
  • Layout:
    • Fixed loading layouts with component properties saved using comma separators
    • Fixed a crash when loading a layout with corrupted Groups
    • Fixed resolving node references when loading layout items
    • Components are now uniquely named when importing a layout on top of an existing layout
    • Made it possible to zoom the 3D World when Signal and Interface nodes in the Network Map are shown
  • Licensing:
    • Fixed a license renewal and deactivation issue
  • Modeling:
    • Fixed component selection by double-clicking a feature on modeling tab
    • Fixed ‘Expression needs recompilation:’ error when creating a property
    • Improved error handling when loading layouts
    • Fixed incorrect PnP sliding path after changing the rotation of a child’s frame
    • Enabled editing an interface when that interface is not connected
    • Fixed interacting with Orthographic view
    • Fixed node geoset selection issue
    • Prevent deleting locked components
    • Fixed copied links moving when the original link is moved
    • Fixed an issue when saving components
  • Rendering:
    • Added two-sided lighting and updated light rendering
  • Robotics:
    • Fixed a crash while interacting with components during collision detection
    • Fixed robot position values not updating on the UI when snapping in Object Mode
    • Enabled cascaded robot routine calls from the Python API
    • Fixed vcTopologyPickCommand TargetCurves property returning an empty list
    • Fixed robot target configuration being different between versions
    • Fixed robot redundant axis interpolation
    • Fixed jog and interact being inverted and sluggish
    • Fixed robot path curve picking almost hanging the GUI
  • Statistics:
    • Fixed inconsistent colours Statistics charts
  • UI:
    • Fix related to progress bar
    • Fixed slowdown due to constantly appearing and disappearing scrollbar
    • Improved selection of Signal and Interface nodes in the 3D World
    • Fixed colour theming for drop-down text boxes
    • Improved window management in case of multiple applications when loading layouts
    • Fixed wait cursor being shown only when the mouse was over the progress dialog

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