NEWS: Announcing Our Joint Venture with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

November 1, 2023. We are excited to announce a collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Together, we’ve established ME Industrial Simulation Software Corporation, a joint venture dedicated to the development and sale of 3D simulators.

Visual Components and Mitsubishi Electric Establish Joint Venture to Accelerate Digital Manufacturing Transformation

Espoo, Finland – 1.11.2023: Visual Components, pioneers in the 3D manufacturing simulation industry, and Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, a global leader in electrical and electronic products, are thrilled to announce a joint venture solidifying their long-term collaboration. This exciting partnership aims to further the vision of digital manufacturing transformation.

The modern manufacturing world grapples with challenges like labor shortages and the need for better productivity and quality. Mitsubishi Electric has been at the forefront, enhancing its Factory Automation (FA) software offerings to champion digital manufacturing. Their 3D simulator, “MELSOFT Gemini”, offers a digital twin platform that streamlines production equipment design, reducing costs and design hours.

In partnership with Visual Components, the duo aims to magnify the power of the digital era. They’re combining Visual Components’ prowess in connecting with Factory Automation tools, such as PLCs and robotic systems, with Mitsubishi Electric’s industry insights and advanced control tech. Their united vision is clear: to amplify the functionalities of “MELSOFT Gemini”*, address labor shortages, and boost manufacturing quality and efficiency.

The joint venture is named ME Industrial Simulation Software Corporation. The new entity will strengthen Mitsubishi Electric’s MELSOFT factory automation (FA) software suite, integrating it with the Visual Components 3D simulation platform. With core technology from Visual Components, MELSOFT Gemini serves as a crucial link between cyber-physical systems, enabling businesses to visualize, simulate, and streamline operations from design to maintenance.

Visual Components CEO, Mikko Urho, expressed his enthusiasm: “This joint venture will be able to maximize synergies by combining Visual Components’ superior 3D simulation software with Mitsubishi Electric’s manufacturing know-how. Through synergies, we will accelerate the realization of digital manufacturing and contribute to strengthening the competitiveness of our customers.”

Mitsubishi Electric, renowned for its extensive patent registrations and pioneering R&D, strives for innovations in FA equipment and software. Their vision for digital manufacturing aspires to interconnect all facets of the manufacturing life cycle.

Visual Components, as a trusted technology partner to numerous leading brands, offers rapid, cost-effective solutions for designing and simulating production processes. The joint venture amplifies both organizations’ capacity to assist manufacturers in advancing their digital transition.

Mikko Urho emphasized the significance of the partnership:

3D Simulation is essential for any digital twin platform aiming to optimize the entire manufacturing life cycle. The outcome of our joint venture strengthens the synergies of merging the best 3D simulation software from Visual Components with Mitsubishi Electric’s profound industry knowledge and core FA components. This collaboration will empower manufacturers, system builders, and integrators to harness the full potential of digital manufacturing.

Mikko Urho, CEO of Visual Components

Looking Ahead

The joint venture positions Visual Components and Mitsubishi Electric at the forefront of the industry’s digital transformation, providing state-of-the-art tools to assist manufacturers in their automation efforts, from product planning to commercialization. Mitsubishi Electric Corporation FA System Division General Manager Toshie Takeuchi comments:

Specifically, we aggregate and analyze data acquired from equipment and equipment at manufacturing sites using our FA equipment in a digital space to solve problems in our customers’ engineering chains. By establishing a joint venture with Visual Components, we will combine the strengths of both companies and contribute to solving problems at manufacturing sites.

Toshie Takeuchi, FA System Division General Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

“3D digital simulation tools like MELSOFT Gemini play a pivotal role in evaluating intricate production systems, allowing manufacturers to circumvent costly errors, expedite decisions, and enhance product quality. We are excited about the future and the immense potential this collaboration holds,” concludes Urho.

About Visual Components

Founded by a team of simulation experts and amassing over 20 years in business, Visual Components is one of the pioneers of the 3D manufacturing simulation industry. The organization is a trusted technology partner to a number of leading brands, offering machine builders, system integrators, and manufacturers a simple, quick, and cost-effective solution to design and simulate production processes and offline robot programming (OLP) technology for fast, accurate, and error-free programming of industrial robots.

About Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric is a global leader in the production and sale of electrical and electronic products, spanning diverse sectors from IT to transportation, and consumer goods to industrial systems. With a consistent record in R&D and a significant number of patent registrations, Mitsubishi Electric is shaping the future of the digital manufacturing landscape.

*Melsoft Gemini was announced on March 29, 2022.