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Blog | February 24, 2020

New Features

    • There is now a new way for OEM developers to order ribbons via .NET API. The application config file can now only be used by VC developers to order ribbons. 
    • A new property has been introduced in ITeachContext.HidePropertyEditorPane to control the visibility of the property panel. 
    • eCat is now visible on process context by default. 

    Improvements and Optimization 

    • Quick access and context menus are now available in process context. 
    • It is now possible to assign NULL or empty variable with Assign Variable statement. 
    • In process modeling, ChangeType statement now changes component node materials to match what was defined in the target ProductType. 
    • Updates to the help file.

    Overall bug fixes

    • Exporting empty geometry no longer crashes application.
    • In process modeling, reading product or component properties in delay statement works always now and not just only in first simulation run.
    • Exception is no longer shown when GetProperty statement references a deleted component in process modeling.
    • Issue with deleting robot statements in program editor has been fixed.
    • The process bar getting stuck when exporting geometry in certain cases has been fixed.
    • Expressions can now access components through a property of type List<Ref<Component>>.
    • Issue with process model layout simulation failing when simulation speed is increased has been fixed.
    • Topology data (i.e. curve, index, faces) are now persistent when component/layout imported via mathematical data import is saved and then reloaded.
    • Fixed application crash issue when importing model via topology API.
    • Assigning materials to shared geometry set now updates immediately in other instances (Note: this is a feature). If the user wants to change the material of the geometry set without updating the other instances, the user can collapse the feature first and then assign the material.
    • StartTransportOut output to container no longer cause application crash.
    • Matrix.GetQuaternion() now returns correct values on .NET API.
    • Fixed missing materials issues on some imported CAD formats.

    Download the Visual Components 4.2.1 Release Notes.

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