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Sales acceleration

Accelerate the sales of your production solutions with Visual Components. Our products help system integrators and machine builders to work more efficiently, differentiate their offerings, and give their clients confidence.


How do system integrators and machine builders use Visual Components to accelerate sales?

Improve response time

Streamline your RFQ/RFP response workflow and save time on tasks such as creating layouts, performing analysis, and creating content for your proposals.

It is possible that the customer requests 3 to 7 different versions just to get the feeling of how the robot really works, with no regard to technical details. 3D Simulation will save a lot of time in the pre-sales phase.

Justin Hulst, Head of Marketing Service

Reduce mistakes

Reduce costly mistakes that cause you to overbid on projects or under-deliver on customer expectations. Design your production solutions with confidence.

The Visual Components tool makes sales meetings much more effective with a quick way to visualize solutions. Definitely a boost for business.

Kyösti Soini, Director - Electronics Business Line

Streamline communication

Eliminate knowledge gaps and communication barriers that keep deals from closing. Communicate your work in a format that everyone can understand.

There is a huge difference between a layout in the usual PDF format compared to a 3D PDF. The client can zoom into any detail in the layout and, more importantly, they can actually see the plan in action!

Mika Laitinen, Sales Manager Robotics

Get ahead of the competition

Differentiate your offering from the competition. Create marketing grade content with engineering grade accuracy that highlights your capabilities and sells your vision.

Our customers’ first impressions of the simulations have always been above all positive.

Alois Wiesinger, Product Developer

Make your case faster

Build credibility by presenting your prospect with high-quality animated simulations of your proposal. Win their confidence and trust in your ability to deliver.

We get much faster responses from our customers. Also, the customers trust us more as they are able to see their layout in operation.

Meng-Shen Chen, Assistant Manager
FFG Feeler

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