Robot programming

Using simulation to ensure accurate and smooth robot programming

Programming a robot with a simulation software is called offline programming (OLP). The benefit of offline programming, in addition to this accuracy of the process, is that the robot is not stopped for programming purposes, but continues production while being programmed offline. The offline programmed motions are smooth and collision free, thereby increasing the robots life and saving energy.

Visual Components simulation software can be used for robot programming of industrial applications. There are powerful tools for generating toolpaths for trimming, cutting, de-burring, welding, dispensing, deflashing, painting, sand blasting, and other geometry-based processes that are difficult to program with the robot itself.

Collaboration with all major robot brands

Visual Components is working closely with major robot brands and can simulate most robot models in the world. While Visual Components simulation software is an open platform enabling development of tools for any kind of industrial process, we are relying on our partners at providing turnkey solutions for most common processes.

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