April 13, 2021

Video-Podcast: Why Simulation is Essential for Industrial Transformation

Our video podcast, Why Simulation is Essential for Industrial Transformation, will air at HANNOVER MESSE on Tuesday 13 April at 9:30 CET

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Industry 4.0, digitalization, automation, robotics, digital twin, and virtual commissioning are familiar terminologies but as soon as you add production simulation to the mix, all of these terminologies align to bring real value for your business growth.

Join our discussion and learn from our experts why simulation is essential to your manufacturing setups during industrial transformation. Key learning outcomes include:

  1. How production simulation helps to digitalize the manufacturing systems.
  2. How to stay cost-efficient while adapting to agile manufacturing.
  3. Simulation for improved project communication across different stakeholders.


Yana Semenova, Sales Manager
Umair Ejaz, Product Marketing Manager
Jouni Hannonen, Simulation Expert

The video podcast will be hosted on the HANNOVER MESSE platform. To watch the podcast, register for a free ticket!

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