September 11, 2023

New Robotics OLP Software Global Launch Tour

We're excited to announce the launch of our next-generation OLP software happening this September 2023! Dive into details about our worldwide release events. Come join us and discover how to optimize your robot's performance with our OLP software.

Here is the complete list of OLP software launch events from Visual Components and our OLP partners.

Join and learn how you can maximize the potential of your robots and automation with our latest OLP software.

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With the launch of Visual Components Robotics OLP, Visual Components will be the only OLP software provider in the market for industrial robots offering one product for all industrial applications like welding, processing, or spraying/painting and covering all major robot brands regardless of their type and model. This will revolutionize how manufacturers program their robots for different applications and directly address the problem of finding skilled workers along with several other operational benefits.

Join us on our Global Launch Tour during which our Partners around the world will showcase all that’s new with our latest product. Find the list of Partner events below.

Partner Events

Here is the list of all OLP partner global launch events:

Location Date Event OLP Partner Name
Madrid, Spain 13.09.2023 Exhibition VCM Spain
Taichung, Taiwan 22.09.2023 Seminar Pitotech
Istanbul, Turkey 26.09.2023 Seminar Ono Technology
Dresden, Germany 29.09.2023 Exhibition Dualis IT GmbH
Herning, Denmark 03.10.2023 Exhibition Simfact
Brno, Czech Republic 10-13.10.2023 Exhibition SoliCAD, s.r.o.
Torino, Italy 10.10.2023 Seminar FLEXCON
Seoul, South Korea 12.10.2023 Seminar RCK
Shanghai, China 21.10.2023 Seminar Shanghai Yuangeng Science
& Technology Development
Cape Town, South Africa 23.10.2023 Seminar Robotic Handling Systems
Warsaw, Poland 24-26.10.2023 Exhibition Sap-Weld Sp. z o. o.
Tokyo, Japan 26.10.2023 Exhibition Genetec
Nantes, France 27.10.2023 Seminar Quotex
Riga, Latvia 30.11-02.12.2023 Exhibition ATC Baltic

Local Seminars Organized by Visual Components

We also have planned the following seminars about the OLP product release in addition to tradeshow participation and partner events,

  • Stockholm, Sweden: 16.11.2023
  • Helsinki, Finland: 08.11.2023

Join us at the event most suitable for you and learn how how to maximize the potential of your robots for a productive today and tomorrow with our new OLP offering.