August 2, 2021

Visual Components Academy: Level Up Your Teaching with New Classroom Exercises

Teaching at a university using Visual Components? Here are some news for you!

We know how painful and time-consuming integrating a new teaching tool can be. To make things easier we prepared free classroom exercises for you. The exercises contain a .pdf file with assignments that simulate real-life industry cases and encourage students to solve challenges using Visual Components software. You will also find Visual Components layouts inside so that your students do not fear the blank page but could start to work on challenges right away.  

Solving real industry challenges equips students with the right skills for future employment. 

Suitable for courses:  

  • Production Automation Planning 
  • Production Planning and Control 
  • Design of Production Systems 
  • Virtual Commissioning of Robot Systems 
  • Production Automation Exercises 

Interested in using Visual Components for your lectures? Check out our tailored solutions for Academia.