March 31, 2017

Check out what’s new in Visual Components 4.0.3!

We've made a lot of improvements to the usability and performance of our products. Here are some of the highlights!

Key Features in 4.0.3

  • Real/Virtual time simulation modes and animation step editing.
  • Expression editing assistant.
  • Easier feature/link/component selection.
  • Component sharing optimization.
  • Tools to make components unique.

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Visual Components eCatalog menu

Check out what’s new in our latest release: Visual Components 4.0.3.


Real/Virtual time simulation modes and animation step editing
You now have the option to run simulations in “Virtual Time” mode, which runs animations at fixed animation time intervals. You can also edit the time interval by modifying the interval values in the simulation control.

simulation control panel

Expression editing assistant
We’ve made it easier and faster to define expressions. The new expression editing assistant displays expression function, operator, or property names available for the expressions you’re creating. Open the assistant by typing CTRL + SPACE BAR and accept suggestions by typing TAB or ENTER.

Expression editing assistant properties

Easier feature/link/component selection
Features/Links/Components can now be selected by double clicking your mouse on components and links in geometries.

Three KUKA robots

Component sharing optimization and tools to make components unique
We’ve optimized the speed and memory usage for loading duplicate layouts and components from the eCatalog, using component sharing. This optimization also improves layout loading/saving time and rendering speed. If you want to edit a duplicate component without the changes affecting the copies, it’s easy to make it unique.

Visual Components settings menu showing how to make a duplicate component unique

Usability and optimization improvements

  • Licensing fixes
  • Application unit handling fixes at properties and support for more variety of units
  • Property editing fixes
    • Update property display when properties are created/updated from API
    • More precise field change with tab key
    • Updates to theming
  • Action and manipulation fixes
    • Fixes to plug&play operations to correctly connect path and hierarchically connected components
    • Fixes to snapping and measurement
    • More actions support undo
    • Robot jogging works better when using robot tracks and external bases and tools
    • Updates to interface and signal connection editor
  • Importing and exporting data
    • Updates to support more precise mapping of colors and materials when importing CAD geometry
    • Fixes to 3D PDF exporting (materials, scaling, etc.)
    • Fixes to export of 3D PDFs when using special characters in the exported path and file names
    • Drawing generation fixes to avoid missing lines and drawing view clipping
  • Rendering
    • Fixes to pointcloud rendering
    • Updates to support render order customization
    • Speed optimization when using headlight with advanced render modes
  • Model and data migration
    • Improvements to loading of older version models (2014 and earlier)
    • Speed optimizations for loading models with included components
    • Improvements to simulations of older models
    • Map materials from old models more correctly
  • Robot operation fixes
    • Improved accounting of robot bases and tools for special cases
    • Support “CycleTime” override
    • Use motion attributes more precisely
    • Robot reachability calculation fixes to show correct reachability
    • Fixes to control robot motion via python API
    • Updates to robot actions
    • Fixes at robot exchange and old program conversion
  • Material flow simulation
    • Sensor fixes to ensure correct sensoring when adding and removing parts from conveyors and ensuring right order to triggering and resetting sensor signals
    • Part accumulation fixes
    • More correct and faster simulation when accumulated parts are moving through sensors
    • Routing rule fixes to reset cyclic rule for each simulation
    • Fixes to transitions between physics and normal path
    • Fixes to use plug&play sensors and their simulation
  • Statistics
    • Updates to statistics states, state editing, and updating states during simulation
    • Fixes to avoid exceptions when editing statistics charts
    • Fixes to avoid exceptions when clearing models