Visual Components Experience: Mobile viewer

A new way to experience manufacturing simulation solutions designed with Visual Components 4.0 on mobile.

Blog | September 20, 2017

We recently launched the Visual Components Experience mobile app, which allows you to view manufacturing simulation solutions designed with Visual Components from your smartphone or tablet. Our mobile application makes it easy for manufacturing professionals to present their production layouts on-the-go and share them with their colleagues, prospects and stakeholders.

The Visual Components Experience mobile viewer includes control actions that allow you to start, pause, rewind and fast forward the simulation and switch to other recorded animation files. It uses the following standard multi-touch gestures to navigate in the 3D world:

  • Rotate the viewpoint by dragging one finger right, left, up or down
  • Zoom in by spreading two fingers apart (“stretch”)
  • Zoom out by pinching two fingers together (“pinch”)
  • Pan by moving two fingers in the same direction

Want to see how it works? Check out this video and find out how to experience your simulations on mobile!

Visual Components Experience works on both iOS and Android devices and is available for free in the App Store and Google Play

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