Fastest way from concept to reality.

Designed for manufacturing professionals and built on a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use platform.

Faster, easier, together

From the very beginning, we believed there must be a faster, easier and more collaborative way to design manufacturing systems. Today’s increasingly complex industrial landscape has shown that we are on the right path.

  • Designing new manufacturing processes and systems should be accessible to everybody. Collaborate, share and come to decisions faster, together.

    Visual Components is your fastest way from concept to reality
  • Embrace digital transformation with our products, designed for a wide range of manufacturing professionals, from engineers to production managers. Make smarter decisions at every step of your production process.

  • We help over 2400 companies make their visions come to life.

    Discover why Visual Components is the right choice for you. Learn how different company types, such as manufacturers and system integrators, use our solutions to solve challenges and simulate their next automation projects.

    How our customers benefit

    Boost your efficiency by up to 30%

    Increase efficiency in your manufacturing operations with our virtual commissioning tools, enabling precise control over process performance through simulation and validation of designs with PLCs and robot controllers.

    Save costs by up to 15%

    Design many what-if scenarios in hours instead of days, have better insights into your projects, minimize your investment and save additional costs from your projects.

    3000+ ready-made CAD components

    Use our extensive library of 3D models with more than 1,600 robots, 70+ brands, and a wide range of conveyors, machines, resources, robot tools, factory facilities and more.

    Reduce robot programming time by up to 80%

    Program your robots more quickly and efficiently than with traditional manual programming methods. Test and optimize your programs before downloading them to the physical robots.

    Maximize robot utilization by up to 95%

    Optimize your robots’ utilization with fast and easy offline programming for tasks such as welding, material processing, or spray painting and eliminate robot downtime.

    Enhance safety

    Reduce the risks of accidents and injuries by programming heavy-duty industrial robots through offline programming software. Program from anywhere without any risk of robot collisions or physical accidents.

    What our customers have to say

    “Using Visual Components, we were able to achieve increased efficiency gains, reduced packaging and processing costs whilst helping our customers visualise how automation could improve overall production efficiency gains. It’s a game-changer.”

    George Walsh
    Senior Product Development Engineer

    “We 100% saw a noticeable increase in positive feedback from the customer when we showed our results using Visual Components.”

    Ben Graham
    Senior Consultant
    Invio Automation

    “Previously, we were looking at around about 4 days to turn a proposal around, and currently (with the help of Visual Components) we can probably fire one out in about half an hour.”

    Stephen Smith
    Project Manager
    Mazak UK

    “Unlike with previous projects, the processes no longer had to be tested at the physical system. Instead, even the most complex processes were displayed reliably and quickly in digital form.”

    Wladimir Krieger
    Robotics Engineer
    Wächter Packautomatik

    “We use Visual Components for all projects that require a feasibility analysis or visualization. A picture is worth a thousand words – so we can offer our customers a much better idea of their planned facility. And our customers react very positively.”

    Jo Braun
    Managing Director

    From your workstation to the shop floor

    Design and manage your production systems with ease, no matter where you are. Our straightforward and powerful simulation and offline programming tools make it possible.

    Layout planning

    Visualize your 3D layouts with production logic using the existing models and templates.

    Feasibility analysis

    Simulate, identify, and resolve your production issues in a virtual environment.

    Virtual commissioning

    Connect your virtual systems with physical PLCs and robot controllers to debug and streamline your manufacturing processes.

    Robot programming

    Easily transfer your robot programs to the shop floor without the hassle of manual programming using a teach pendant.


    Introducing Visual Components 4.9 – craft with clarity

    The latest version of our manufacturing simulation and robot offline programming solution is here, bringing improved clarity to production planning and optimization in manufacturing. With greater clarity, our users can…

    Try it yourself

    Move around and get up close in the 3D space. With Visual Components, you can effortlessly share your simulations with colleagues and clients, making it easier than ever to demonstrate your ideas and projects.

    Other products

    Explore our other products, such as Visual Components Experience, which allows you to experience the 3D simulations you’ve designed with Visual Components on mobile devices, virtual reality, and the web—just like the simulations showcased above!

    Explore our eCatalog

    The Visual Components eCatalog is an industry-leading library with over 3,000 ready-to-use components. It features a wide range of virtual models, including robots, machines, and equipment from many top brands in industrial automation. Browse through our web eCatalog to see what’s included.

    See what simulation can do for you