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All-in-One Solution for Smart Factory with Productive Robots

1. Layout Planning

Visualize your 3D layouts with production logic using the existing models and templates

2. Feasibility Analysis

Simulate, identify and resolve your production issues in a virtual environment.

3. Virtual Commissioning

Connect your virtual systems with physical PLCs and robot controllers to debug and streamline your manufacturing processes.

4. Robot Programming

Bring your robot programs to the physical shop floor without any manual teach pendant based time-consuming programming.

How Our Customers Benefit from Visual Components

30% Efficiency Increase

Increase efficiency in your manufacturing operations with virtual commissioning, enabling precise control over process performance through simulation and validation of designs with PLCs and robot controllers.

15% Project Cost Savings

Design a number of what-if scenarios in hours instead of days, have better insights into your projects, minimize your investment and save additional costs from your projects.

3000+ Ready-to-Use Components

Use an extensive library of 3D models with more than 1600 robots, 70+ brands, and a wide range of conveyors, machines, resources, robot tools, factory facilities, and more.

Improve Robot Utilization by 95%

Optimize your robots’ utilization with fast and intelligent offline programming for tasks such as welding, material processing, or spray painting, and eliminate robot downtime.

80% Time Saved in Robot Programming

Program your robots more quickly and efficiently than with traditional manual programming using a robot teach pendant. Freely test and optimize your programs before downloading them to the physical robots.

Increased Safety

Reduce the risks of accidents and injuries by programming heavy-duty industrial robots through OLP software. Program freely from anywhere without any risk of robot collisions or physical accidents.


See for yourself how Visual Components can help you save time, reduce costs, and improve production performance!