March 10, 2020

FlexLink Case Study: Not just a Platform, a Partnership

In this case study, we explore how FlexLink, a Sweden-based manufacturer of flexible, modular conveyors and industrial automation equipment, partnered with Visual Components to turn their vision for a 3D design and visualization tool into a reality.

Key Benefits

  • Powerful and customizable platform for developing 3D design and simulation products
  • Positive co-operation and shared vision with Visual Components development team.

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a Visual Components simulation of a conveyor

Flexlink is a Gothenburg, Sweden, based manufacturer of flexible, modular conveyors and industrial automation equipment. Founded in 1980 and part of the Coesia Group since 2012, FlexLink today has more than 1,100 employees with operating units in 27 countries.

In 2013, FlexLink initiated a search for a partner to support the development of a new visualization tool, which would become the FlexLink Design Tool. Following an extensive evaluation, FlexLink selected Visual Components to utilize their 3D manufacturing simulation platform. In this case study, we explore the history of this partnership, FlexLink’s vision for the FlexLink Design Tool, and how this vision became a reality with Visual Components.

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