June 8, 2021

Visual Components partners with igus® to offer Low-Cost Automation with Easy-to-Use Simulation

igus® GmbH and Visual Components GmbH have joined as partners in the RBTX marketplace to support the concept of low-cost automation and help the customers design powerful 3D Factories.

The Visual Components solution can be ordered via the RBTX marketplace that connects dynamic range of users and suppliers working in the cost-effective robotics components and software space.

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igus RBTX + Visual Components

igus® GmbH and Visual Components GmbH have joined as partners in the RBTX marketplace (RBTX is a registered trademark of igus® GmbH). The goal is to support the concept of low-cost automation and help the customers design simple and powerful 3D Factories- and Process-Simulations.

Tech up cost down, the goal of all igus products.

Low-Cost automation requires simple and cost-effective solutions to implement automation in the physical setups. Whether it’s SME or DAX company, many manual process steps can be planned and automated cost-effectively with low-cost robot hardware and simulation software. This automation of the manual processes is made possible by focusing on certain application areas. The key benefit is a fast return on investment in less than 12 months. The customer benefits from the seamless integration of the hardware with the Visual Components simulation software. Although it depends on the scope of the application, simulation can help to automate the complete process flow or some of the steps. At igus®, you can get everything that is needed for cost-effective process automation from a single source: complete robot arms, individual components for individual solutions or for expanding existing applications, and a control system matched to the igus robots with intuitive software for operation.

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Visual Components empowers Low-Cost Robotics users with its simulation solution, even before the hardware is purchased. Simple. Visual. Powerful. Design and validate your production solutions with Visual Components 3D Factory- and Process-Simulation.

Visual Components is one of the world’s leading solutions for 3D factory design and simulation. With the solution, factories and production plants can be designed, planned, and simulated using a library of supplied predefined factory components. Visual Components can be used to create “digital twins” – not just of individual production cells, but even of complete factories. Such a digital twin enables production optimization and even speeds up the virtual commissioning of plants together with their control systems.

Depending on their requirements, customers can use different levels of the software, either by purchasing or renting; this makes the software affordable even for smaller companies.

RBTX is the marketplace for Low-Cost Automation / Robotics is the marketplace that connects users and suppliers of cost-effective robotics components and software. With our simple tools and reliable services, you can save time and money by finding robotic solutions that fit your budget and applications and the Compatibility is guaranteed.

Effective as of today, the Visual Components solution can be ordered via the RBTX marketplace. For example, for less than € 10,000, you can get a complete bundle consisting of igus® Robolink with SCHUNK gripper and Visual Components 3D simulation software. 

The focus for the customer is their individual application. The customer already knows which processes need to be automated. The ‘How’ has to be defined. In collaboration with our partner Visual Components, we provide the customer with the necessary tools. With this software, they are able to plan their solutions and simulate the performance even before they decide to invest. We call this Test Before Invest

Jens Klärner, Product Owner RBTX

Visual Components provides igus customers the opportunity to simulate and validate their automation tasks easily, quickly, and accurately in advance. One key element is our vast library of production relative components (eCat), now also including the igus robots. Offline robot programming, virtual commissioning and virtual reality (VR) allow you to design your projects more effectively, minimizing your risk of investment.

Mathias Wilhelm, Territory Sales Manager DACH Visual Components