May 5, 2021

Video Podcast: Why Simulation is Essential for Industrial Transformation?

Watch and learn from our experts how production simulation is becoming an essential tool for different stakeholders from the manufacturing and automation industry.

This 20-min video podcast was live-streamed at the Hannover Messe 2021 show. If you missed out on that, this is a good chance for you to catch up or re-watch it and share it with your peers from the Manufacturing industry.

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Video podcast hosts

Industry 4.0, digitalization, automation, robotics, digital twin, and virtual commissioning are familiar terminologies but as soon as you add production simulation to the mix, all these terminologies align together to bring the real value for your business growth. The manufacturing industry is under a constant transformation phase where more and more processes are digitalized to monitor the production data and improve efficiency and productivity. Production simulation is an essential piece of the puzzle in this transformation which is often overlooked.

Watch this 20-min video podcast and learn from our discussion panel why simulation is essential to your manufacturing setups during industrial transformation. Your key takeaways from this video podcast would be,

  • How production simulation helps to digitalize the manufacturing systems
  • How to stay cost-efficient while adapting to customized production
  • How to use simulation as a primary project communication tool

Learn how you can use production simulation for your process improvements and plan your production systems for the future.

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If you have any questions after watching the podcast, feel free to get in touch with our sales representative by filling up the ‘Get a demo’ form.