April 19, 2018

Introducing Visual Components 4.1

We've made a lot of improvements in this major release, including new features, a streamlined workflow, and performance improvements.

New Features in 4.1

  • Updated Statistics Dashboard
  • Support for Mathematical Surfaces and Curves
  • Interface Connection Editor
  • Signal Interface Connector
  • Camera Animator
  • Global Search

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a simulation of a robot working at a manufacturing line

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Updated Statistics Dashboard

Introduces a wizard to simplify the workflow for creating charts, graphs, and dashboards. Includes more options for dashboard layout and chart design.

Updated Statistics Dashboard in Visual Components 4.1

Support for Mathematical Surfaces and Curves

Surfaces and curves of geometries can be imported and saved with mathematical precision. 

Support for Mathematical Surfaces and Curves in Visual Components 4.1

Interface Connection Editor

Introduces an action panel to establish and manage interfaces amongst components. Especially helpful for managing connections for larger layouts.

Interface Connection Editor in Visual Components 4.1

Signal Interface Connector

Introduces an action panel to establish and manage signal interfaces amongst components.

Signal Interface Connector in Visual Components 4.1

Camera Animator

The camera animator simplifies the workflow for creating professional looking simulation recordings. The action panel allows users to control the camera view, time, and interpolation method.

Camera Animator in Visual Components 4.1

Global Search

Search web content from, Visual Components Academy, and Visual Components Forum.

Global Search in Visual Components 4.1