October 11, 2022

Exciting News: Visual Components Group Acquires Delfoi Robotics Business

Visual Components Group acquires its long-term partner Delfoi’s Robotics business to bring more powerful Robot Offline Programming (OLP) solutions to the market.

We are thrilled to announce that Visual Components Group acquires its long-term partner Delfoi Robotics which includes the offline programming software business and welcomes its talented employees to join Visual Components. The acquisition is officially operational from 11th October 2022 and includes Delfoi Robotics business.

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Delfoi Oy will continue to serve the markets with its advanced planning and scheduling, solutions, and operations consulting for the manufacturing, and healthcare industries.

About Delfoi Robotics

Delfoi Robotics offline programming (OLP) software provides advanced software for fast and accurate programming of industrial robotic applications like welding, cutting, surface processing, coating, and more. The software supports all major industrial robot brands on the market and helps manufacturers to increase their robot utilization rate to over 90%.

The Delfoi Robotics software has been utilizing the Visual Component’s platform since 2008.

Tackling the Global Industry Challenges

The global manufacturing industry is facing challenges on various fronts,

  • The increased product customization trends from consumers require production systems to adapt to mass customization and small-batch production.
  • Green transition demands that production systems be more sustainable.
  • Reshoring plans of different countries to become self-sufficient, have better control over the supply chain, and minimize dependencies on external factors.
  • The lack of skilled labor and increased need of upskilling the current workforce.
  • Complying with Industry 4.0 and 5.0 standards of digital and green transitions as well as workers’ safety and wellbeing.

The combination of these global industry trends is changing traditional manufacturing tactics and requires the adoption of robotics and automation strategies to meet the demands of the markets, conquer the challenges, and be more competitive.

3D Manufacturing Simulation with Virtual Commissioning and Robot Offline Programming are key applications that facilitate the digital transformation of production systems to improve efficiency and maximize the utilization of manufacturing assets.

Stronger Together

If we look at the manufacturing simulation and robot programming workflow, we can simplify the process of conceptual production planning to real-life execution by dividing it into four different phases,

  1. Designing Concepts > Layout design
  2. Simulation and Analysis > Feasibility study
  3. Virtual Commissioning > Validate the control logic
  4. Execution > Programming robots for manufacturing processes

Visual Components covers the first three phases starting from designing concepts with easy-to-use features for quick design and simulation of conceptual layouts. The visual workflows to define production flow logic and measuring statistics help to carry out simulation studies and analyses. With improvements to offline robot programming and connectivity features for major robot brands, Visual Components has also become a stronger tool for Virtual Commissioning projects.

Now with the powerful Delfoi Robotics, robot offline programming tools, users can bring their virtual programs to real-life production systems with high accuracy.  

With Visual Components and Delfoi Robotics, the users can truly bring their conceptual simulations to reality and with digital transformation, build the production systems of the future.

This strategic acquisition allows Visual Components to widen its product portfolio and offer one solution for all with advanced features for manufacturing planning and robot programming. We’ll be stronger together offering even more advanced technological innovations that strengthen the customer’s and partner’s competitive edge. Together these products will help the manufacturing industry to increase productivity, minimize production downtime and reduce engineering time, costly mistakes, and waste -making the digital production transformation possible.

For the time being, Visual Components’ and Delfoi Robotics’ products will co-exist side by side and will be eventually merged into a seamless software technology and user experience. We will continue with more information on that in the upcoming months.

If you wish to know more or have any specific questions, get in touch with us today.