Other products

Our other products offer new and interactive ways to experience your simulations. Whether sending simulations to your customers to view with Visual Components Experience or creating realistic visuals with the NVIDIA Omniverse connector, we offer you powerful tools to enhance your design and communication process.

Visual Components Experience

Discover a new way to experience manufacturing design and simulation. With Visual Components Experience, your colleagues or customers can enjoy your 3D simulations on mobile devices, in virtual reality, or on the web.

  • Our free Visual Components Experience mobile application, available on iOS and Android, makes it easy for manufacturing professionals to share their production design solutions on-the-go.

  • Our Virtual Reality application offers manufacturers and system integrators an engaging way to approach production design and planning by allowing their audience to experience layouts and 3D simulations in a fully immersive environment.

  • Showcase your capabilities and solutions with Visual Components Experience Web, seamlessly integrating into your website to offer visitors an interactive way to explore your simulations and concepts.

    Note: Requires a Visual Components license, an existing web domain, and an additional Visual Components Experience Web license.

    NVIDIA Omniverse Connector

    Create digital twins and virtual factories with instant one-way communication from Visual Components to Omniverse, eliminating the hassle of constant file exports. Experience life-like visuals, improving accuracy, collaboration, and production planning.

    Please note that you need Visual Components 4.8 Premium / Premium OLP or above to use these features. Contact us for more information.

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