Proven simulation concept

Visual Components is a world leading 3D manufacturing simulation and visualization specialist. Offering machine builders, system integrators and manufacturing companies a simple, quick and highly cost effective way to build and simulate their total process solutions.

The simulation suite contains a complete set of solutions and products to support, accelerate and simplify the following business areas:

  • SME digital factory
  • Sales and marketing
  • Robot & work cell simulation
  • Factory simulation
  • Controller validation
  • Application development


Visual Components was founded in 1999 by a team of simulation experts who saw the opportunity to bring simulation into the mainstream by developing a reusable concept for simulation models. The original founding members were all development team members of Deneb’s IGRIP, VNC and QUEST products as well as Deneb’s expert in OLP (Off-Line Programming).

One platform

The main goal was the creation of a flexible and open simulation application that combines robotics and material flow simulation on one platform. The company’s management team sums up altogether over 100 years of experience in the 3D Simulation market.

Global partner network

Visual Components maintains tight cooperation with leading robotic manufacturers to gain in depth expertise into robotic simulation. Besides the headquarters in Finland, Visual Components has a subsidiary in Michigan to serve the North American market. With the help of a growing reseller network we are servicing diverse industrial markets and OEM partners in Europe, Australasia, Asia and North America.