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Built on a powerful, flexible, and scalable platform – Visual Components is designed with the needs of our OEM customers in mind. Our high-performance 3D simulation engine and open API make it easy for you to build or customize your own simulation solutions on our platform.



Accelerating robot programming, application development, and software implementation

When Delfoi was searching for a platform to host its offline programming solution, two of their requirements were flexibility and openness. The Visual Components platform offered that and more. Delfoi was able to automate most of the configuration and setup work with Visual Components, leading to significant time savings for them and their customers.

We wanted to create products that would be superior to the applications available on the market. Visual Components was the expert on the platform side and they were able to give us the support we needed.

Heikki Aalto, Vice President



Building more flexible solutions for robot off-line programming

OCTOPUZ found in Visual Components an extremely versatile simulation platform. It's capable of performing robot off-line-programming, offers great flexibility in application development, and provides an extensive library of robot manufacturers.

Visual Components is an extremely versatile platform. We can visualize the entire process from start to finish rather than focusing on a single facet.

Edward House, CEO



A highly developed, ready-made solution for robot manufacturers

KUKA selected Visual Components because it provides a readily available, functional, and highly developed platform. KUKA has benefited from combining material flow and robot simulation on a single platform, and the ‘plug-and-play’ equipment libraries to support the sales processes of business partners.

Visual Component's flexibility and excellent cooperation in R&D gives us the freedom and capability to develop our robots to fit extremely versatile industries. We also appreciate the software’s open component-based architecture.

Andreas Keibel, Project Leader
KUKA Roboter GmbH



Not just a platform, a partnership

When FlexLink sought out solutions to power their FlexLink Design Tool, they desired more than a platform, they wanted a partner. With Visual Components, they found both an experienced and committed technology partner, and a platform that's flexible and constantly improving.

We chose Visual Components platform due to its flexibility, which gives us endless possibilities to develop FlexLink Design Tool. The Visual Components team shows a great openness and willingness to take their products to the next level and every release brings added value to our day to day work.

Johan Wester, Software Manager


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