March 10, 2015

Leading the way in 3D simulation education and research

Find out more about how your university or research facility can benefit from cooperation with Visual Components.

Key Insights

  • 3D simulation software illustrates how factories and production lines operate.
  • Teaching process less time-consuming.
  • No risk of damaging expensive machinery.
  • 3D simulation allows flexible testing of new machines, new robots and new combinations.

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Three students using Visual Components

The manufacturing process coming to life

3D simulation is an invaluable tool in research projects that are pushing the boundaries of robotics and simulation. That’s why we have for years been in close cooperation with leading universities and research facilities around the world.
Teaching is not what it used to be. Students constantly demand more hands-on experience and more concrete examples. Which makes sense, since learning the tools of the trade is one the most valuable lessons for any students.

3D simulation software can be used as a fundamentally new way of illustrating how factories and production lines operate. It provides an environment where every piece of the manufacturing process can be shown in vivid detail. Instead of investing money into your own machinery or laboratories, you can now let students see and even play with accurate 3D models of facilities and robots.

A simulation also makes the teaching process less time-consuming, since it allows multiple students to interact with a model at the same time. A complete factory at the hands of each and every student. And of course there’s no risk of damages occurring to expensive machinery.

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Chalmers University of Technology students used 3DAutomate with imported point cloud as the blueprint for objects in the 3D world in order to create a simulation of a factory in minutes.

3DCreate – a great 3D simulation software for any university

3DCreate by Visual Components is an easy-to-use, powerful 3D simulation software that comes with a massive library of different manufacturing components. It also allows you to import your existing CAD data and use it as a basis for an improved planning experience. Read more about 3D Create.

3DCreate is currently used for educational purposes in many universities around the world, including Chalmers University of Technology, Technische Universität Dresden and National Taipei University of Technology.
“Using Visual Components allows us to teach production systems in a shorter time frame than what was possible before.” says Björn Johansson, Associate Professor of Production Systems, Chalmers University of Technology.

If your university is interested in joining this leading pack, contact us. If you are in North America, you can also contact our dedicated reseller for the education market, Cogniscotech.

Visual Components is a stepping-stone for all educational institutions that want to provide their students with a creative and efficient solution.

Stephen Perron, Cogniscotech

3D simulation software driving breakthrough research

We’re always keen on testing the limits of the 3D simulation software. And we’re not alone. As part of cutting edge research projects funded by the EU, we’ve been working with high-end research facilities such as Fraunhofer (Germany) and VTT (Finland) as well as industry giants Audi, Opel, Universal Robots and Festo.

3D simulation is invaluable in research. It allows the flexible testing of new machines, new robots and new combinations without actually having to build the machinery and the factory.

Active research topics include the study of human and robot interaction in assembly line tasks and smart, reconfigurable manufacturing systems. Contact us for more details.