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Virtualize your factory with Visual Components Premium, our complete manufacturing simulation solution. It includes everything in Essentials and Professional, plus more features for advanced robotics applications.


Paint Process Visualization

Visualize the application of paint on surfaces and measure coat thickness, thereby reducing robot teach time and improving motion planning.

Virtual Topology

Easily distinguish features of CAD files imported into the 3D world. Our 3D geometry engine analyzes any imported CAD model and provides well-structured data of geometry surfaces, curves, and curve loops. Use the topology API to develop your own robot path planning and teaching tools that take advantage of this feature.

Curve Teaching Tool

Plan robot paths faster using the curve-teaching tool. This feature automates robot path planning by analyzing object geometries, making paths predictions, and suggesting robot paths.

Create Path Statement

Quickly teach and simulate paths of positions with robots. Edge and curve selection tools help you pick and edit robot paths with practical applications for robot welding, machine tending, paint, and water jet operations, sealing, and cutting.

VRC connectivity for UR and Stäubli

The Universal Robot connectivity plugin enables connecting to a Universal Robot controller and running a simulated robot with realistic movements. The Stäubli robot connection add-on supports creating/editing robot program positions and running them with a Stäubli CS8 and CS9 controller to verify program operation and cycle times. It also supports positional data transfer between a simulated and real controller.

Siemens S7 PLC Connectivity

Siemens S7 PLC Connectivity supports native connectivity to most physical and simulated Siemens PLCs, including older models. This native connection provides faster communication speeds with physical S7-1200 controllers and supports connection to S7-PLCSIM.

Interactive VR

It’s possible to create a streaming connection to Visual Components Experience, allowing users to interact with the VR environment.


New connectivity plugins enable communications with several physical and virtual automation systems. Simulate your layouts in Visual Components and then test the processes with controllers through connections with real-time behavioral simulation software - WinMOD and SIMIT. Verify your PLC programs and robot kinematics by connecting with many vendor-specific controllers. SIMIT connectivity opens the door to the complete range of Siemens automation systems including PLCSIM Advanced, PLCSIM, Virtual Controllers, SIMIT UNIT and PLCs.


The next generation of 3D manufacturing simulation technology


Design, build, and simulate your factory of the future using ready-made components


  • Layout configuration
  • Process Modeling
  • eCatalog
  • CAD compatibility
  • Project ready deliverables
  • Simple robotics
  • Point Cloud support
  • 2D drawings
  • PLC connectivity
  • Statistics and reporting
  • VC Experience


Define and create your own components to simulate in our 3D world


  • Component modeling
  • Geometry simplification
  • Wizards
  • Basic CAD
  • All features in Essentials


Virtualize your factory with our complete manufacturing simulation solution.


  • Paint process visualization
  • Virtual topology
  • Curve teaching tool
  • Create path statement
  • VRC connectivity for UR and Stäubli
  • Siemens S7 PLC Connectivity
  • Interactive VR
  • WinMOD and SIMIT
  • All features in Essentials
  • All features in Professional

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