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Your Automotive Manufacturing

Drive production to the next gear. Learn how to attain peak automotive efficiency and precision with 3D simulation and offline robot programming.

Trusted by more than 2400 organizations in the manufacturing industry worldwide to automate their production, including KUKA, Samsung, Midea, KONE, among many others.

Increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operations up to 30% and have more control over the performance of your processes and resources.

Optimize the utilization of your robots up to 95% by intelligent and fast offline programming and repurpose them for most industrial processes.

How to shift your manufacturing
up a notch in just 5 stages:

Innovators in automotive industry, ever faced delays and costly adjustments during production setup? Leapfrog traditional hurdles with our Concept-to-Reality Workflow. Deliver projects faster, uphold your original design’s integrity, and slash those unexpected expenses. Dive in, and redefine efficiency in automotive production.

Stage 1: Concept design

Learn from industry pioneers: Lotus-SD Digital Factory team achieved 20% faster tooling design with Visual Components. 

Improve tooling design and collaboration 

“Visual Components joining the Omniverse ecosystem makes it easy for companies developing digital twins to quickly create models of their factories, warehouses, and production facilities.” Mike Geyer – Industry Product Manager  at NVIDIA 

Stage 2: Simulation and analysis 

A sneak peek into our software’s automotive-centric solutions and features. 

Unlock the future of automotive production

Seamlessly adapt to shifting volumes and evolving features, maximize machinery utilization, minimize waste, and integrate the latest equipment even with your facility’s longstanding legacy systems. 

Stage 3: Virtual commissioning 

Experience the transformative power of virtual commissioning. 

Develop digital twins and conduct virtual commissioning 

Initiate PLC programming even before physical prototypes are crafted. Detect and rectify errors when they’re easiest and cheapest to address. Minimize reliance on physical prototypes, thus lessening the impact of supply chain disruptions. 

Stage 4: Offline Robot Programming 

Unlock unparalleled efficiency with offline robot programming. 

Revolutionize your robot programming process 

Reduce the hours spent on manual programming, streamline workflows and conserve valuable time. Enjoy expedited programming timelines, transitioning from extended manual periods to efficient offline days. 

Stage 5: Execution

Manual operations can lead to variable cycle times, directly impacting production costs. For an automotive manufacturing plant, this inconsistency was a real pain point, affecting alignment with the main assembly line and, crucially, the bottom line.

Pioneering automation in production

Embracing automation is the answer. Through strategic technology simulation, not only was the cycle time inconsistency resolved, but the production process was also elevated to meet rigorous targets with efficiency and consistency.

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Streamline Production Line Communication and Decision-making

Our 3D simulation software is the visual language that unifies your team —ensuring clarity, consensus, and collaboration at every stage.

Manufacturing Engineers

Seamlessly design and refine your production flow, visualizing every component’s place and purpose. Witness in real-time how modifications can enhance operational efficiency.

Logistics Managers

Dive into the intricate dance of product movement. Use our simulations to experiment with layouts, ensuring smooth transitions and reduced bottlenecks.

Facility Managers

Transform abstract plans into actionable setups. Our software offers a clear blueprint, minimizing guesswork and ensuring the end-result mirrors the vision.

Management Team

Gain a bird’s-eye view of your operations, equipping you with insights for informed decisions. Foster clear communication among teams, ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.

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