Use 3D Process Simulation to
Improve Your Operational Efficiency

It’s possible to reduce project costs, save time and improve production performance with optimized 3D software.

Our client partners reach their ROI goal in less than 12 months and record productivity improvements of 10% or greater. You can too — Let’s get you started with our simulation software.

The software’s simulation capabilities expands the imagination and bandwidth of our designers that then enables clear visual communication to our customers and vendors.
Robert Lando, Agrinomix

VC Software’s ability to scale layouts quickly yields unexpected productivity gains within the design world and yields immense satisfaction for the sales team.

VC Software driving sales growth – YTD up 134%.
Systems Integrator

Why Visual Components?
We Make It Simple.

Our top-of-the-line 3D simulation software is easy to apply, run, and connect to your systems.

Does this software have the right applications for my specific need?

Yes, our software is flexible and can help close the gap between conceivability and installation by helping users prove their design before committing to the final investment. The customizable open architecture and drag-in-drop component library are features that make this platform unique.

Will this be hard to learn?

Interactive or interconnected interfaces put even complex programming tasks in the hands of frontline operations, making factories less dependent on expert suppliers and engineering departments. Our software is easy-to-learn and has a streamlined interface. Plus we offer personalized training so anyone can become an expert.

Will this work with the systems I’ve already got?

Yes, our software is compatible with all CAD systems and has PLC Connectivity. Readily available industrial connections, simpler integration of end effector, systems I/O, and communication can make robotics easier to implement within existing structures.

Invest in the Best

Discover efficient solutions today, to avoid costly mistakes tomorrow. Plan new projects with confidence and in excellence. Explore what we offer:


Our team of SimExperts stands ready to assist your organization during times of resource constraint to solve those mission-critical process problems.

Loyalty Programs

We value and give back to everyone we work with. We provide perks, benefits, and ongoing engagement and support from the VC team.


We guarantee our solutions will allow you to work your very best, and we will stick around to support you every step of the way.

Group Training

Ready to learn more? Take full advantage of the benefits simulation offers with our group training classes where we cover topics that will take your simulation solutions to the next level!

We provide world-class 3D process simulation software
trusted by professionals across the Americas.

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