Automatica 2020 Webinars: Sales Acceleration, Production Systems, PLC Connectivity and Robotics

Join Visual Components for a series of free webinars in the original Automatica dates taking place 16 - 18 June! We will host four webinars covering four different topics every day, including Sales Acceleration, Layout Design, PLC Connectivity and Robotics to help you discover the power of 3D manufacturing simulation.

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June 16 - 18, 2020

We are all aware of the ongoing dynamic situation which has resulted in event delays and/or cancellations globally and Automatica 2020 was no exception. Despite all these challenges, we believe that the show must go on. With this spirit, we are hosting a series of free webinars on each day of the original Automatica 2020 taking place 16 – 18 June 2020 to help you discover the power of 3D manufacturing simulation.

These webinars will cover four different topics every day combined with the product demonstration of related features in our latest software version 4.2.2. to help you explore the potential of Visual Components for your projects. Our experts will be available every day to answer any of your questions or doubts at the end of each session.

Here are more details of the webinars together with the short description of each session:

  • Dates: All webinars are hosted on 16, 17 and 18 June 2020
  • Duration of each session: 45 minutes

Automatica Webinars Calendar

Webinar 1: Sales Acceleration – How to use 3D manufacturing simulation to boost your sales

Learn how simulation can help you accelerate sales for your company by creating compelling sales proposals to win the projects faster and outclass your competition.

11:00 EEST on 16 June | 11:00 EEST on 17 June | 16:00 EEST on 18 June

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Webinar 2: Production Systems – Plan, build and simulate your production systems from scratch within a few minutes

Whether you are setting up a new factory, extending the current production line or redesigning your production systems, learn to set up your simulations quickly, and collect production KPIs like cycle time, capacity utilization, and material throughput in a few simple steps.

12:30 EEST on 16 June | 12:30 EEST on 17 June | 12:15 EEST on 18 June

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Webinar 3: PLC Connectivity – Virtual and visual commissioning of your projects with PLC Connectivity

Learn how to connect the simulation with your control systems and visualize your production’s real-time activity. Validate your controller code without hardware, shorten your delivery times, and manage your production ramp-up smoothly.

14:00 EEST on 16 June | 14:00 EEST on 17 June | 13:30 EEST on 18 June

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Webinar 4: Robotics – How to choose the right robot and validate robot programs using simulation

Make the right investment decisions by finding out the optimal robot for your needs through simulation. Learn how to generate the robot program without causing production downtimes and use free post-processor add-on to export the programs to actual robots.

15:30 EEST on 16 June | 15:30 EEST on 17 June | 14:45 EEST on 18 June

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We will cover four different topics every day for three days so if you can’t make it to different sessions in one day, you can join these sessions on different days. In each of these 45-minute webinars, we’ll show you how Visual Components empowers users of all skill levels to virtually design, optimize, and validate their projects in a risk-free, virtual environment.

Here is an overview of the webinar agenda:

  • Introduction to Visual Components & webinar topic – 5 minutes
  • Live production demonstration – 30 minutes
  • Conclusion – 5 minutes
  • Q&A – 5 minutes

If you have any questions, contact us at We hope to see you there!

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