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April 23, 2019

Meet Joel, Component Library Guru at Visual Components

Joel has been an Application Engineer at Visual Components since 2017.

Joel is an Application Engineer who began working at Visual Components as a thesis student in 2017. Outside of work Joel enjoys almost every kind of sport, from climbing and cross-country skiing to cycling, running, and playing floorball. He can also play the guitar, and enjoys reading and drawing too.

Like many staff at Visual Components, Joel likes travelling. His last work trip took him to Gothenburg for the Advanced Engineering trade show, and he plans to take a personal vacation to Canada in summer 2019.

Application Engineer Joel playing pool during a break

How did you end up at Visual Components?

I was looking for thesis positions while studying mechanical engineering at Aalto University. I majored in Machine Design with a Minor in Mechatronics, and was doing my thesis on component classification and best practices in component modelling. I found Visual Components via the Aalto CareerWeb and it caught my interests.

What about Visual Components caught your attention?

I believe that software is the key for engineers to handle increasingly complex designing and analysation tasks. Also, as a person, I am ambitious to keep up with the latest technology within my field. I have always been fascinated by robotics and the possibilities they provide.

Application Engineer Joel working on application engineering and robotics

I want to be using the latest tools and technology. That’s why I was really interested in Visual Components.

After completing your thesis, you continued to work at Visual Components. What made you stay?

I thought the tasks were interesting and the work was quite versatile. And there were a lot of things I could still learn.

So far, I’ve developed skills like programming, and understanding robotics and 3D environments. I’ve also gained an understanding of how the company works – sales, support, marketing. Here you see all the moving parts of the company, it’s a good place to learn how organizations function.

What do you do as an as an Application Engineer at Visual Components?

I create and fix components, such as robots, conveyors, and operators. This includes understanding the 3D geometries, parametric modeling, scripting with Python, robotics, etc. I also help customers with technical problems and training, visit exhibitions, and do customer projects.

Application Engineer Joel working on application engineering and robotics

What are your main responsibilities?

My main responsibility is to manage component library updates to the software. Components are the ingredients (robots, conveyors, operators, etc) that are used to build factory layouts. These component updates are made by the team of our simulation experts, including me.

I ensure everything is updated like it should be, and keep up with the status of the component library in general.

What does your regular day look like?

My day can be quite versatile. First I check my emails and Slack. I’ll create an agenda for the day prioritizing smaller tasks and miscellaneous things before lunch. Then in the afternoon I try to do tasks that require more focus and concentration.

What do you enjoy most about your day?

Because of my versatile tasks, everyday feels a bit different. I enjoy when I’m learning new things, travelling and meeting our customers, socializing with colleagues at Tuesday floorball, and seeing the results of my work on a project.

Application Engineer Joel playing pool and chatting with a colleague during a break

I enjoy seeing the results of my work on a project

Tell us your favourite anecdote from Visual Components?

At Pikkujouluts, the office Christmas party, we sang karaoke. I had never sang a karaoke before. I wasn’t alone, I was with a colleague, but next time I will sing alone. The song I sang was Kun tänään lähden.

What advice would you give someone who’d like to work with us?

Be brave and apply. Don’t hesitate because you have a different background. I wasn’t a robotics or simulation guy before I came here. We have employees with many different backgrounds. And, if you like to play floorball, that would be a plus too!

Describe in one sentence what it’s like to work at Visual Components.

I’m continuously learning new stuff, getting new experiences and spending time with awesome colleagues.