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How to accelerate the sales of factory production lines?

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What complicates the sales of production lines?

Factory production lines are complex entities to design as they consist of hundreds of details that need to be taken care of. Understanding how material flows and robotics work together can be quite difficult, for both internal and external stakeholders. Specifications and needs can change in the middle of the project, so there can be a lot of going back and forth the design table in the sales phase.

It is therefore often difficult to strike a balance between finding a tool that conveys your production line layout in a way that’s convincing, yet easy to understand without sacrificing hours of work in case things need to be changed.

How can 3D simulation help accelerate sales?

As illustrated in the video above, using 3D simulation can help solve some of these problems. Thanks to pre-existing component libraries and drag and drop user interfaces, tools designed specifically for production line simulation are easier and faster to use than for example CAD tools.

This greatly simplifies sales processes. Sales personnel can create production line layouts themselves without technical knowledge, as the logic of the components is already programmed into the components. The smoother process really shines when changes are requested.


Instead of instructing the layout designers on what changes are required and waiting for layout designers to complete them, sales personnel can go ahead and perform the changes on the fly.

But simplifying workflows is only half the benefit. Using 3D simulation tools you can also impress customers in ways that were previously difficult to achieve. You can easily export an animated video or a 3D PDF that shows how components of the production line will function in real life.

Numerous companies are already using 3D simulation when creating production line layouts for sales purposes. Our Case studies page lists some of them.

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