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How does simulation help in engineering new factory production lines?

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Better investment decisions with simulation

Building a new production line is a significant investment for any company. As such, it also carries considerable risks. Has the productivity and output been maximized? What are the optimal components to use? Are all the resources and workers functioning optimally together? Traditionally, answering such questions has been near impossible or required a vast amount of hours to calculate.

Using 3D simulation, these and many other questions can be answered thus reducing the risks involved in costly investments. Simulation makes it possible to create a virtual identical twin of the production line to be built. The twin can also be created from CAD files, making it easier to reuse and improve existing designs.

Although you don’t have to start creating a simulation from scratch, creating an exact simulation does take some time. But as shown in the video, there are some very useful upsides to having a simulated factory.

Reasons to simulate your production line

The virtual production line functions in the same exact way as the real production line. Using this virtual copy, the operation of the production line can be analyzed in great detail.

Feasibility studies help to identify possible bottlenecks and make it easier to assess the return on investment that will be achieved. Collision detection and reachability studies allow you to carefully analyze robot movements ensuring that no accidents or mishaps occur. You can also reduce ramp-up times by validating Programmable Logic Controllers.

The virtual production line can also be placed in an existing facility by using point cloud. And if in the future you wish to update components or make other changes to your production line, you can test the impact of those changes before making them.

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