Use your existing CAD files as the source of your brand new 3D simulation.


What does it do?

3DCreate let’s you reuse your old CAD files as the foundation for building your production line simulation.

Who is it for?

3DCreate is the perfect choice for companies with a history of designing production lines in CAD.
  • 3D CAD synchronization

  • Advanced customization

  • COM and Python API’s

Bring your CAD files to life

Designing complex production lines in CAD is slow and cumbersome. However, your existing CAD designs can be used as a foundation for something great: a fully functioning 3D simulation that’s easy to edit on the fly. Your layout planning process will become dramatically faster.

Powerful customization options

3DCreate comes with tools that allow you to import your CAD data to our 3D simulation environment. The benefits of working in our 3D environment are clear – you can quickly customize the parameters and behavior patterns of your components. Your existing data will not be lost. COM and Python API’s ensure that you are always fully connected to your CAD and third-party data.

We can save even more time, up to ninety per cent, compared to what we did before.

Klaus Bronner, OEM Business Manager, ASYS GmbH

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